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Chapter 14 - Mail Manager

Your Default Email Account

Your default email account acts as your Catch All email account. In other words, will be delivered to the email account that you have setup as your default email account.

If you choose to use your Main Account as your default email address, do not enter an entire email address. For example, if your username to enter your control panel is simon, then simon is your Main Account and you would only enter simon rather than an entire email address, then set the account up in your email software using simon as your username.

When using your Main Account as an email address setup your email software with the following settings:

Incoming SMTP server:
Outgoing SMTP server: your dialup information (ie. if using earthlink it would be
Email Address:
Username: simon
Password: simon999 (this is the password you use to enter your Control Panel)
Reply to address:

For further instructions on setting your email software up, please refer to Chapter 3.
If you will be forwarding all email coming into your account to an outside email account such as AOL, all that you need to do is change your Default Email Address to the email account that you want to forward your email to. For example if you want all incoming email to forward to your AOL account, simply click on Default Email Address option and input your AOL email address.

This is all that you need to do in order to start receiving email through your account.

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Creating / Deleting Pop Email Accounts

To create a new pop email account click on Click Here To Add New Account. You will be taken to a new screen:

Type the name for this email account in the box, and assign it a password in the Password box. Click Create and your new account will be activated.

In order to receive mail sent to this address, you must set up the new account in the program you use for email such as Outlook, Netscape, etc. Please refer to Chapter 3 of this manual for instructions using various email clients. NOTE: when setting up your email software, you MUST use the entire email address as the username for that account inside your email software.

To delete a pop account, simply click on Delete that is to the right of the email account you are wanting to delete.

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Setup Autoresponders

Auto-responders will automatically send an email for you. Autoresponders are typically used to send information in response to a visitor's request.

For example, visitor's could click on a link that says Click Here to Receive Special Report. When the visitor clicks on the link, their email program will open a new message addressed to your autoresponder. When they send the email, your autoresponder will reply by automatically sending your Special Report to the visitor.

To create an Autoresponder, first you must create an email account for your autoresponder, you do this by following the instructions above for creating a new pop account. Once your pop account is created, then click on link in the menu that says Autoresponder.

In the Email box, type the email name you choose for your Autoresponder. This will be the email address that visitor's click on to access the Autoresponder. If you think you may set up more than one Autoresponder, it is helpful to choose a username that is descriptive. For example, reportx. The mailto link you will place on your site will be

Fill in the From and Subject boxes, then place the information you want to send in the Body area. You can't use html tags in an Autoresponder. They will only accept plain text.

When you are finished, just click the Create button, and your Autoresponder is ready to go.

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You can have any or all email addressed to your domain account forwarded to an outside email account or to a different email address within your domain.

Simply type the account name of the address you want mail forwarded from in the first window, and the complete email address you want the mail forwarded to in the second window.

Remember, you can forward mail to any address, inside or outside of your domain. For example: or Be careful when forwarding email to an account inside your domain, if you inadvertently create an indefinite loop, all email will cease to function for your account.

To stop forwarding mail, simply choose the address you want to stop from being forwarded, and click on delete.

NOTE: DO NOT create a POP email account for any account that you setup as a forwarder. For example, if you want to forward all email incoming to, do not create a pop email account for Just setup the forwarder and the server will know what to do. If there is a pop email account created for any forwarder, that forwarder will not function.

If you will not be creating any POP email accounts and want all of your email to be forwarded to an off server account, simply enter your Default Email Account feature and set that off email account as your default email account.

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Block Unwanted Email

You can block unwanted email according to email address, subject, any header, recipient, or even phrases inside the body of the message.

Just use the drop down menus to choose what you want blocked. For example, you might want to filter out porn sites. You could choose Subject, Body or Any Header from the first drop down menu, and Contains from the second drop down menu. Then type a phrase or word that frequently appears in the header or body of email you receive that promotes porn sites.

To block email from a specific source, just choose From in the first drop down menu, then Equals from the second menu. Type in the person's email address in the box and click Activate.

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About Email Aliases

You never have to create email aliases. Your default email account is setup as a "Catch All" account, meaning that any email coming to is delivered to your default account. However, if you want to forward an alias mail account to a different email account, simply setup a forwarder for that alias. You do not have to create a pop email account for an email account that you are setting up as a forwarder.

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Using WebMail

This feature allows you to retrieve your email no matter where you are by logging into your Control Panel from any PC.

To access this feature for any of your email accounts, simply log into your Control Panel, and enter your username and password and then click on the Email Manager. Click on Pop Email Accounts and to the right of your email accounts you will see a link named Read WebMail OR you can also access your webmail through your browser by typing the following URL: Initially when you enter webmail for each account a screen will pop up asking you to answer some simple questions that will configure the program for your use for that particular account. After saving your answers, the webmail program will start and you'll be taken to the screen that shows your Inbox.

After entering your WebMail, at the top of the screen you will find control panel icons as shown in the graphic below. Click on icons shown here for an overview of each tool.

Compose New Message Refresh User Preferences Address Book Folders Empty Trash Move to folder

Compose New Message
Choosing this option will open a screen for creating a new email message. The default information you entered in the configuration (the answers to the questions the program asked when you first started it) will appear in the correct boxes, so you only have to fill in two boxes: the email address of the person you want to send your message to, and the subject line.

Additional options include:

  • CC
    This means Carbon Copy. Add additional addresses here if you want to send a copy of the email to more than one person. Separate addresses with a comma, but do not add a space between them:,

  • BCC
    This means Blind Carbon Copy. When you use the Carbon Copy option above, all the email addresses you entered will appear in the header of each recipient's message. You may not want all the addresses to show in the headers, either because you don't want the main recipient to know you are sending copies to others, or because you don't want to publish everyone's email address without their permission.

    If you don't want the email addresses to show, place them in the BCC box instead of the CC box. Add them the same way as before, separated by commas but without any spaces between.

  • Attachment
    You can attach a file to your email message by clicking on the Browse button and choosing the file that you want to send. However, remember that many of the files on your computer are quite large in comparison to email messages. If the file is too big, the recipient's ISP my reject it, or the recipient may choose not to open it due to excessive download time.

You can add a signature to your your message by simply replacing the NeoMail message with one of your own. A signature is a short message that appears at the end of every email you send.

Links can be added to your signature by typing the full URL. For example:

Visit my site at

This will appear in the recipient's email as:
Visit my site at

Recipients will be able to visit your site by clicking on the link.

NOTE: Do not use anchor tags. Just type the URL as illustrated above. Some older email programs can't translate clickable links. The recipient will be able to visit your site by using copy and paste to place the URL into their browser.
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This button refreshes your window and activates any changes you have made.
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User Preferences
This option allows you to make changes to the preferences you entered when you accessed the program for the first time.

Simply make any changes you want, then click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you decide not to make any changes at this time, click the Cancel button at the bottom of the page rather than using your browser's back button. This will return you to the NeoMail program. If you use your browser's back button instead, you will be taken back to Email Manager main screen.
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Address Book
Click on this button to add entries to your Address Book.

The address book provides you with a quick way to send mail. Just click on the Address Book icon and a list of names with email addresses will appear. Click on the email address of the person you wish to send a message to, and a new email message window will appear with their address already filled in.
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This tool allows you to add folders to your NeoMail program so you can more easily organize your messages. For example, you may want to add a folder named Work and place all your work-related messages there.

When you click on the button, a box will appear where you can type a name for the new folder. Click on Add, then click the Back button on your browser a couple of times to get back to the main window. Then click the Refresh button, and the new folder name will appear in the drop down list of folders at the top of the NeoMail screen.
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Empty Trash
This button empties the holding file where messages you have deleted are kept. It's a good idea to always empty this file before you close NeoMail.
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Move to Folder
This tool allows you to move a message to any folder. Just choose the folder you prefer from the drop down menu and click the MOVE button.

To access messages in a given folder, choose the folder name in the drop down menu at the top left of the NeoMail screen.
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