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Chapter 8 - CGI Scripts

CGI Wrapper:

CGIWrap is a gateway program that allows general users to use CGI scripts and HTML forms without compromising the security of the http server. Scripts are run with the permissions of the user who owns the script. In addition, several security checks are performed on the script, which will not be executed if any checks fail.

CGIWrap is used via a URL in an HTML document. As distributed, cgiwrap is configured to run user scripts which are located in the /public_html/cgi-bin/ directory. The CGI Wrapper is enabled when a user click on the CGI Wrapper feature inside their Control Panel under the CGI Scripts feature.

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Random HTML Generator:

This feature randomly generates text on your web page. It works only in an SSI environment which means that the pages that you wish to generate random text must be named with the .shtml extension just as all SSI pages must be named.

To setup this feature simply click on this feature inside the CGI Scripts section of your Control Panel and input the text that you wish to have generated randomly.

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Guest Book:

This script is just a simple guest book generator. When you click on this feature inside the CGI Scripts section of your Control Panel you will see the html code that you need to copy and paste into your web page. When a user completes the form, the results will be printed out below the form itself.

You can edit the appearance of the form by clicking on the link that says Edit Guestbook Template. When editing the template, you can insert your html code that will represent what you want your guestbook to look like, such as to have it match your other web pages.

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Counter, Clock, Date:

Within the Counter feature inside the CGI Scripts section of your Control Panel you can setup a counter, a clock, or a date box, or all three on your web page.

The code must be generated for each script that you want to utilize. This can be done by clicking the radio button for the specific script that you want to generate. For example, by clicking the Counter radio button and then scroll down to Frame Thickness and entering the thickness that you want the frame of the counter box, and then scroll down to Max Digits, and input the maximum number of digits that you want to appear in your counter. Next select the Style that you want for your Counter. You can view the styles that are available by clicking on View Styles, and then just input the letter that represents the style that you've chosen into the box. Next you can give your counter a specific name and then click on Create HTML Code. Once the code is generated, simply copy and paste the code provided into your web page and wala, your counter will appear.

NOTE: This is not a sophisticated counter. In other words it can not recognize when the same visitor hits your page over and over again, therefore it will generate a new number each time a user hits the page.

If you would like to add a clock or a date box to your page also, you create these each separately just as you did above with your counter, click the button to Create HTML Code and then copy and paste that code into your page also.

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Java Clock

Not much different than creating a clock as you did above, this script generates a real time Java Clock for your pages. Simply select the options that you want and click Save to generate the HTML code to insert into your pages.

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This feature is currently not activated. The Control Panel developers are aware that this feature is not functioning and are working to correct it.

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The purpose of cgiemail, a CGI program written in C for Unix, is to take the input of WWW forms and convert it to an e-mail format defined by the author of the WWW form, so that the resulting e-mail messages are not difficult to sort through. Using it requires slightly more work than forms-to-email programs with less flexibility in e-mail format. Nevertheless, users with no programming experience can follow the simple step-by-step instructions in the cgiemail user guide.

When you click on this feature within the CGI Feature of your Control Panel, CGIemail will be enabled for your account. Setting it up will be up to you and you will find links to the user manual for CGIemail in the page that you are delivered to once you click on this feature.

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FormMail Clone:

This is a clone of Matt's Archives script. It has the same functions with the exception you are not able to customize the script at all and the output of your form results arrive in alphabetical order. If you want more control over your form results, please refer to Chapter 6 of this manual and follow the instructions for downloading the script that we available there and uploading it to your cgi-bin.

If you choose to use the FormMail Clone, this will be enabled once you click on this feature. The path to use in your forms is:

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Entropy Banner:

This is a simple random banner generator. From within this option you can upload banners that you want to process for random display on your web pages. You also perform management functions for each banner from within this area also, such as rotation priority and user redirect location when banner is clicked.

NOTE: You must name your pages that contain the code for your banner rotation with the extension .shtml in order for this feature to work.

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Entropy Search:

This is a simple search engine for the pages within your domain. Simply click the Setup Search Engine link and you will be provided with the HTML code that you will need to insert in your pages where you want the search box to appear. Once you have formatted your pages with the code and have uploaded them to your account, revisit this area and click on the Rebuild Search Index and you are set to go.

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