Account Overview - Getting Started - Control Panel Overview - Chapter 1 FTP Software Setup
Chapter 2 SSH / Telnet Setup - Chapter 3 Email Software Setup - Chapter 4 CGI-Bin - Chapter 5 Secure Server
Chapter 6 FormMail - Chapter 7 MS FrontPage - Chapter 8 CGI Scripts - Chapter 9 ASP - Active Server Pages
Chapter 10 JSP - Java Server Pages - Chapter 11 PHP - Chapter 12 Real Audio/Real Video
Chapter 13 File Manager - Chapter 14 Mail Manager - Chapter 15 Changing Passwords - Chapter 16 Site Statistics
Chapter 17 Network Tools - Chapter 18 FTP Manager - Chapter 19 Backup Manager - Chapter 20 Password Protect Directories
Chapter 21 Custom Error Pages - Chapter 22 MySQL & PhpMyAdmin - Chapter 23 Mime Types - Chapter 24 CronTab
Chapter 25 Entropy Chat - Chapter 26 Akopia Shopping Cart - Chapter 27 Search Engine Submission
Chapter 28 PGP & PGP Mail - Chapter 29 Subdomains

Account Overview

Account Management Areas

The Account Management Areas were designed to assist you in managing your web hosting account(s). Once you've established an account with Web Host It, you will have access to these areas where you can Activate New Accounts, Delete Accounts, Register New Domain Names, Setup Additional Options for your accounts, Change Payment Methods on your accounts, etc.

How To Get Help

ALL Technical Support Requests must be sent using our Technical Support Request Form. Not only does this form contain the necessary information that will allow us to distinguish you from our other clients, but it also carries your request to the current support tech on duty. Sending request in any other method will go unanswered. A link to this form is conveniently located in the Account Management Area for your account, please bookmark this area for easier convenience.

Reseller Support

All Reseller's are required to support and bill their clients while we support and bill you. Technical support requests must come from the Reseller using our Technical Support Request Form. This form contains the necessary information we need to not only distinguish you from our other clients, but allows us to provide you with the best support possible. A link to this form is conveniently located in the Reseller Account Management Area...we recommend that you bookmark it for easier access.

Billing Support

All billing is handled in house by our billing department. If you have any questions regarding your statement, please contact us at

Account Deactivations

There are only 3 reasons we deactivate accounts. 1) Non-payment, 2) Spamming violations, and 3) Non-compliance of our policies.

We must ask all of our clients to understand that just as they must take measures to protect their business, so must we. We provide hosting services for many individuals and businesses, therefore it is necessary for us to establish Policies and Guidelines that will protect both our company as well as those residing on our servers. If we were to alter our policies and guidelines for each situation that may arise in the course of a month, the reason to function as a business would cease to exist.

If your account has been deactivated due to non-payment, please contact our billing department at

If your account has been deactivated due to non-compliance of our policies and guidelines, email us at and we will review your account. We will more than likely re-activate your account if you will provide us with a Letter of Promise that you will not further compromise our policies and guidelines. The only exception would be if your account was deactivated by our backbone provider. In the event that this has happened, the backbone will not reactivate your account.

In EITHER case, we will not charge you a reactivation fee for first occurrences. After the first occurrence you will be charged a reactivation fee of $50.00. However, after the third occurrence, you will be asked to locate a different hosting service.

If your account has been deactivated due to spamming violations you will not have the opportunity to reactivate your account on our servers. This violation is strictly controlled by the backbone itself. When this type of deactivation occurs it was done by the backbone and not Web Host It. We have a strict non-spamming contract with our backbone providers and such deactivations are out of our control. All spamming violations are deactivated without option of reactivation. This rule as well as the consequences are set forth before your account is even activated on our servers, we will not beg the backbone for reconsideration.

Account Cancellations

When you need to cancel an account, this is done within the Account Management Area that corresponds to your account (Reseller or Regular Hosting Client). The information that you provide us within that form assists us in canceling your account and the billing for that same account.

Down Servers

Well it happens and there is not much that can be done when it happens except to fix the problem, that is if the problem is on our side.

Once you've established an internet connection through your PC, your dial up travels through several points before the actual log in to our servers. If there are any problems, within or at any of those points, it will prevent you from logging into your account. This obviously is out of our control.

However, in the event that one of our servers do go down, we can assure you that we will be aware of it before you are and are working diligently to restore service. You are more than welcome to contact us, but don't be overly anxious if we do not respond immediately, it only means that our hands are full at the moment to correct the problem.

Remember, our online Technical Support Request Form is the most efficient means for providing technical support to our customers. You will find a link to this form throughout our web site. Please do not flood email boxes and telephone lines with support requests, we can only be sensitive to your needs if you will do the same for us.

Down Email

For obvious reasons if our servers are down or if you are experiencing problems connecting to your account for other reasons not involved with our servers, your email is not going to work either.

If you can log into your account as well as visit it through your browser using your domain name, then something is wrong. However, before contacting Technical Support, be sure to walk through the setup of your email client to ensure that you have the correct settings.

Other problems might be due to changing your password recently. Changing passwords for your email and changing passwords for your Control Panel and FTP client are done in separate areas, so if you've done one but not the other, this may be your problem. Please refer to our online manual for details regarding changing your passwords.

If you have checked your settings and verified that it is not a password problem, submit the Technical Support Request and we will handle your request promptly. You will find a link to the Technical Support Request Form from within the Account Management Area, we recommend that you bookmark it for easy access.

Before Contacting Technical Support

Please be sure to use all the resources available to you prior to contacting Technical Support.

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