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Chapter 15 - Changing Passwords

Changing Passwords for Control Panel & FTP

When your account is initially setup you are provided with a temporary password to access your account. It is extremely important to change this password immediately.

Go to your Control Panel at and click on the Change Password feature and follow the instructions.

When changing your password, the minimum number of characters that you can use is 6 characters and the maximum number of characters that you can use is 8 characters.

NOTE: The system is setup to detect easy passwords and will prevent you from changing your password to such. For better results in changing your password, use a mixture of numeric and alphabetic characters.

When you change your password for accessing your Control Panel, you are also changing your password for your FTP access, therefore you will need to change the password inside your FTP program. You are also changing the password for your root email account (see changing email passwords below).

If you are unable to access your Control Panel because you've lost your password, you will need to submit a Technical Support Request form and provide us with a new password. Passwords are one way encrypted, therefore, we can not access your password.

Changing Passwords for Email Accounts

The password for your root account is the same as the password you use to access your account via your control panel or through ftp.

To change the password for all other email accounts enter your control panel and click on Email Manager and then click on the link for Pop Email Accounts. You will see the option to change password to the right of each pop account.

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