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Table Of Contents

Account Overview
- How to get help
- Billing Support
- Reseller Support
- Down Servers
- Down Email
- Deactivated Accounts

Getting Started
- Accessing your Control Panel
- What are all the files and directories in your account?
- Where to upload your files.
- How to view your pages.

Control Panel Overview

Chapter 1 - FTP Setup Instructions
- Introduction to FTP
- Fetch (for MAC users)

Chapter 2 - SSH / Telnet
- How To Gain Telnet Access
- Setting Up SecureCRT Software

Chapter 3 - Email Software Setup
- Out Going SMTP Notification
- Eudora Lite
- Microsoft IE
- Netscape
- Outlook

Chapter 4 - CGI-BIN
- Where to put CGI scripts
- Paths
- Setting Permissions
- CGI Scripts
- Quick Guidelines Using SSI
- Troubleshooting CGI-Bin Problems
- CGIwrapper

Chapter 5 - Secure Server SSL

Chapter 6 - Form Mail

Chapter 7 - MS FrontPage
- How To Get Support
- Publishing A Web
- Opening An Existing File
- Troubleshooting

Chapter 8 - CGI Scripts
- Simple CGI Wrapper
- Random HTML Editor
- Guestbook
- Counter
- Clock
- Countdown
- CGI Email
- Formmail Clone
- Entropy Search Engine
- Entropy Banner

Chapter 9 - Active Server Pages

Chapter 10 - Java Server Pages (JSP)

Chapter 11 - PHP

Chapter 12 - Real Audio/Real Video

Chapter 13 - File Manager
- Setting Permissions
- Creating Directories
- Uploading Files From Your Hard Drive

Chapter 14 - Mail Manager
- Web Based E-Mail
- Pop Email Accounts
- Email Aliases
- Default Email Address
- Block Email Address
- Auto Responders
- Forwarding Email
- Managing & Editing Mail Lists

Chapter 15 - Changing Passwords
- Change Password For Control Panel & FTP
- Change Password For Email Accounts

Chapter 16 - Site Statistics
- Analog
- Webalizer
- Last Visitors
- Error Log

Chapter 17 - Network Tools
- Search Whois
- Traceroute

Chapter 18 - FTP
- FTP Accounts
- Anonymous FTP Controls
- Anonymous FTP Message
- Session Control

Chapter 19 - Backup Manager

Chapter 20 - Password Protect Directories

Chapter 21 - Custom Error Pages

Chapter 22 - MySQL & PHPMyAdmin
- Overview of SQL and MySQL
- Examples of SQL Commands
- Using MySQL Feature in your Control Panel
- Using MySQL with CGI Scripts
- Quick Actions
- Table Properties
- Other References & Tutorials

Chapter 23 - Mime Types

Chapter 24 - CronTab

Chapter 25 - Entropy Chat

Chapter 26 - Akopia Shopping Cart

Chapter 27 - Search Engine Submissions

Chapter 28 - PGP & PGP Mail

Chapter 29 - SubDomains

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